Schneider - Crazy truck driver tried to run over us

Chattanooga, Tennessee 1 comment
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We were on the Ridgecut on I-24 going north before the Germantown Exit.The Schneider INC driver was in the slow lane w/ NO ONE in front of him we moved into the middle lane to pass him.

There was a car in the fast right lane. The driver for NO REASON began to move in the center lane after we moved into the middle lane HE EVEN PUT ON HIS LEFT BLINKERS. There was no where for us to go. I'd just got out of major surgery and thought that I was going to be run over.

This driver needs to be relieved from his job.LC# T202530 driving trailer 21930 around 10:15 am.

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Overland Park, Kansas, United States #685101

Get off the road you old squibb

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